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Large Protein powder Plastic Scoop
80 ml (50 to 55 gram powder)
Small Protein Powder Plastic Scoop
30 ml (25 to 30 gram powder)

    We welcome you in the world of accurate measurement. Sometimes, the small plastic scoop that seems to be trifle-can turn the situation into a fiasco if measurement of the ‘dose’ is not done properly. Researches show that people take doses of protein, syrup or even life saving drugs-most of the times without accurate measurement!! Can one really expect a drug not to react in adverse manner if taken in wrong proportion? The answer is a clear ‘no’. We understand the significance of these ‘seemingly trifle issues’- we, at Plastic Scoop, are the ‘precise measurer’ of ‘everything’.

  • About us:

    The high demand of plastic scoop for measuring almost everything instigated us to enter the field of manufacturing of measuring scoops. Plastic Scoop Company has a diverse gamut of products ranging from cups used for measuring dosages of whey proteins to oil measuring spoon. The concise summary of our product matrix include:

    • Liquid measuring spoons
    • Coffee scoop
    • Plastic food scoops
    • Scoops for animals such as dog food scoops
    • Scoops for powdering quantity measurement such as washing powder scoops
    • Cups such as milk measuring cups

    The list is endless and can be extended to eternity. We deliver almost every measuring scoop or cup one can imagine under the sun. The volume of the measuring plastic scoop can vary from large 80ml to small 30ml size. Our syrup measuring cup measures the exact volume of liquid for which it has been designed.

    We are quite convinced that whey proteins have become the necessity of human life. To avoid fallacious measurement of the prescribed dosages of the same, we assist our customers with whey protein scoop. If you are worried about how to measure the volume of the syrup prescribed to your pet by the veterinarian, here we are to help you. Our pet food scoops will provide you the exact measurement of syrup for your pet, be it a lovely dog, cat or even a chirping bird.

  • ‘Accurate measurement matters’ - Doesn’t it?

    We, at Plastic Scoop, are here to end the difficulties in precise measurement. After all, nothing can be more pivotal than an accurate dose of life saving syrup or whey protein. Our philosophy behind the inception of the idea and continuous improvement is to ‘fulfill the needs of the whole customer base grappling with the sleuth of inaccurate measurement cups’.

    We have been in this business for quite some time. The products we offer can be sent to you within maximum 7 working days by some of the fastest courier services of the globe like DHL, FedEx, etc. Our ken and experience of the industry has promulgated our business around the globe. Our motto is very simple - accurate measurement, affordable price for ‘every user’ in ‘every corner’ of the world. Visit our website and place tailor made orders to suit yourself.

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